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ERP 2.50:Developers Guide/Development Environment/it


Ambiente di Sistema

La seguente pagina descrive in dettaglio che componenti di sistema sono richiesti per eseguire e sviluppare su Openbravo ERP 2.50:

Configurazion Stack di Sviluppo

Codice Sorgente

Openbravo source code is available in Mercurial repositories. See the main repository start page for all versions of Openbravo.

2.50, the latest version of the source code can be found at:


Openbravo uses the Mercurial version control system. The following two links contain more information on Mercurial:

Ambiente di Sviluppo (Eclipse)

Eclipse is the preferred development environment for Openbravo ERP. The following page describes how to setup and configure Openbravo within Eclipse.

It discusses how to obtain the source code, setup Eclipse projects and the runtime/test environment.

You can also use Netbeans as development environment. The following page describes how to do it.

Altri tools di Sviluppo

The Openbravo team also uses other tools when developing on/with Openbravo. These tools are used to debug stored procedures and client side java script. See here for more information:

Other Development Tools

Convenzioni Codice Java

In the Openbravo 2.50 release Openbravo ERP developers have adopted a more formal coding conventions and formatting approach.

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