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The objective of this how-to is to show how you can create bank file import module.In this section, the how-to will give the generic way to create the bank file import module for openbravo.In openbravo, the advance payebles and receivables modules there is a facility to import the bank statement.The bank statement file will be provided by the corresponding bank. Customer can import the bank statements into the customer data base using this module.

Creare Modulo di Import da File delle Banche

The bank file import module has dependencies. Developer should have to add the dependencies for this module.The dependencies are

        1. Core
        2. Advance Payables and Receivables

Please follow the How to create and package a module section to create a module.

The java file should extend the FIN_BankStatementImport file. The FIN_BankStatementImport file is available in the advance payment and receivables module.


FIN_BankStatementImport is an abstract class which contains one abstract method and some concrete methods.

Developer should define a class which extends FIN_BankStatementImport and should overwrite the abstract method "loadFile".

This method should contain the logic to parse the received input stream (the file) into targetBankStatement parameter.

Extracted values will be stored into the respective components.

Signature of the method load file is:

public abstract List<FIN_BankStatementLine> loadFile(InputStream in, FIN_BankStatement targetBankStatement)
in: InputStream contains the bank file.
targetBankStatement: FIN_BankStatement indicates the bank statement object which hold the banking transaction.

Creare Formato File Banca

After creating necessary classes in workspace, developer should create the bank file format as part of a data set.

The entry can be first created manually at Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Setup || Bank File Format || Bank File Format window, and afterwards exported into a dataset.

To create the bank file format entry go to: Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Setup || Bank File Format || Bank File Format


Once the entry has been created, it can be exported into a dataset that will be part of the module. When an end user installs the module this dataset can be applied to obtain the desired configuration which includes the entry for the bank file format.

After creating bank file format user can import the bank file into the openbravo application.


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