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ERP 2.50:Developers Guide/Prerequisite Knowledge

ERP 2.50:Developers Guide




This page lists the main knowledge areas which are relevant when developing in/with Openbravo. The exact required knowledge level depends very much on the task one needs to under take. Some development tasks will consist primarily of changes through the Openbravo UI which require very little deep technical knowledge. Other tasks can be more involving and require changing or extending Openbravo. In this last case also a technical understanding of the Openbravo product is required.

General Knowledge

To develop in/with Openbravo it is at least required to have a basic (one year) understanding of the following technology:


If the development tasks are primarily in the database area then a developer would also need to have experience with:


If the development tasks are more oriented towards the UI then knowledge on the following areas is required:

Data Access Layer

To make the best use of the Data Access Layer a developer needs to have knowledge of Hibernate and its main concepts. Especially the Hibernate Query language and/or the Hibernate Criteria API are important to understand how to create more advanced queries.

Web Services

To consume and extend the Openbravo REST framework a developer needs to have knowledge in the following areas:

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