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ERP 2.50:Developers Guide/Reference/Entity Model/ADHeartbeatLog


To the database table (AD_Heartbeat_Log) of this entity.

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Property Column Constraints Type Description
id* AD_Heartbeat_Log_ID Mandatory
Max Length: 32
client AD_Client_ID Mandatory ADClient A Client is a company or a legal entity. You cannot share data between Clients.
organization AD_Org_ID Mandatory Organization An organization is a unit of your client or legal entity - examples are store, department. You can share data between organizations.
active IsActive Mandatory java.lang.Boolean There are two methods of making records unavailable in the system: One is to delete the record, the other is to de-activate the record. A de-activated record is not available for selection, but available for reporting. There are two reasons for de-activating and not deleting records:

(1) The system requires the record for auditing purposes. (2) The record is referenced by other records. E.g., you cannot delete a Business Partner, if there are existing invoices for it. By de-activating the Business Partner you prevent it from being used in future transactions.

creationDate# Created Mandatory java.util.Date The Created field indicates the date that this record was created.
createdBy Createdby Mandatory ADUser The Created By field indicates the user who created this record.
updated Updated Mandatory java.util.Date The Updated field indicates the date that this record was updated.
updatedBy Updatedby Mandatory ADUser The Updated By field indicates the user who updated this record.
systemIdentifier# System_Identifier Max Length: 60 java.lang.String Unique ID identying this instance of Openbravo.
enableHeartbeat Isheartbeatactive java.lang.Boolean Disable Heartbeat process
proxyRequired Isproxyrequired java.lang.Boolean Proxy configuration required to access internet.
proxyServer Proxy_Server Max Length: 100 java.lang.String Proxy server name.
proxyPort Proxy_Port java.lang.Long Proxy port on the proxy server.
activityRate Activity_Rate java.math.BigDecimal The rate of activity within the system.
complexityRate Complexity_Rate java.math.BigDecimal The rate of complexity within the system.
operatingSystem Os Max Length: 60 java.lang.String The type of Operating System.
operatingSystemVersion OS_Version Max Length: 100 java.lang.String The version of Operating System.
database Db Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The database in use by the system.
databaseVersion DB_Version Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The version of database.
servletContainer Servlet_Container Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The type of servlet container Openbravo runs in.
servletContainerVersion Servlet_Container_Version Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The version of Servlet Container Openbravo runs in.
webServer Webserver Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The Web Server being used by Openbravo
webServerVersion Webserver_Version Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The version of Web Server
javaVersion Java_Version Max Length: 20 java.lang.String Java Version
antVersion ANT_Version Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The version of Ant used to build the application.
openbravoVersion# OB_Version Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The version of this installed Openbravo instance
openbravoInstallMode OB_Installmode Max Length: 20 java.lang.String The method used to install Openbravo.
numberOfRegisteredUsers NUM_Registered_Users java.lang.Long Number of registered users
codeRevision Code_Revision Max Length: 60 java.lang.String The code revision of the installed system
beatType Beat_Type Max Length: 22 java.lang.String The different type of beats: enabling heartbeat, disabling heartbeat, scheduled beat, unknown
databaseIdentifier DB_Identifier Max Length: 20 java.lang.String Unique Identifier of the instance's database, calculated based on the identifier provided by the database itself.
macIdentifier MAC_Identifier Max Length: 10 java.lang.String Mac Address Identifier of the server hosting the instance.
installedModules Installed_Modules Max Length: 10000 java.lang.String List of the modules installed in the instance
activationKeyIdentifier Obps_Identifier Max Length: 10 java.lang.String Activation Key Identifier is a CRC of Activation Key
firstLogin First_Login java.util.Date Date of first login in the application
lastLogin Last_Login java.util.Date Date of last login in the application
totalLogins Total_Logins java.lang.Long Total number of logins
totalLoginsLastMonth Total_Logins_Month java.lang.Long Total number of logins during last 30 days
concurrentUsersAverage Avg_Concurrent_Usr java.math.BigDecimal Average number of concurrent users during last 30 days
usagePercentage Usage_Percentage java.math.BigDecimal Percentage of time the instance has been in use (at least one session active) during last 30 days.
maximumConcurrentUsers MAX_Concurrent_Users java.lang.Long Maximum number of concurrent users during last 30 days
numberOfClients Client_Number java.lang.Long Total number of clients in the instance.
numberOfOrganizations Org_Number java.lang.Long Total number of organizations in the instance.
usageAuditEnabled Is_Usage_Audit_Enabled java.lang.Boolean In case Usage Audit is enabled, the beat will send information about how much each of the installed modules has been used during last 30 days.
instancePurpose Instance_Purpose Max Length: 60 java.lang.String Determines which is the purpose of the Openbravo ERP instance
rejectedLoginsDueConcUsers Rejected_Logins_Due_Conc_Users java.lang.Long Number of rejected logins due to concurrent users limit on the last 30 days
instanceNumber InstanceNo java.lang.Long Each Professional Edition license can activate multiple instances, this number is an identifier for each of the instances registered for the current license.
enableCustomQueries IsCustomQueryEnabled java.lang.Boolean The Custom Queries are queries that can be sent by the Heartbeat server to be executed on the Openbravo ERP instance. This queries are used the get more extended information about the usage of the instance.

By disabling this option standard beats will be sent to HeartBeat server, but not these Custom Queries.

aDHeartbeatLogCustomQueryList List of ADHeartbeatLogCustomQuery

Java Entity Class

 * The contents of this file are subject to the Openbravo  Public  License
 * Version  1.1  (the  "License"),  being   the  Mozilla   Public  License
 * Version 1.1  with a permitted attribution clause; you may not  use this
 * file except in compliance with the License. You  may  obtain  a copy of
 * the License at
 * Software distributed under the License  is  distributed  on  an "AS IS"
 * basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
 * License for the specific  language  governing  rights  and  limitations
 * under the License.
 * The Original Code is Openbravo ERP.
 * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Openbravo SLU
 * All portions are Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Openbravo SLU
 * All Rights Reserved.
 * Contributor(s):  ______________________________________.
import org.openbravo.base.structure.ActiveEnabled;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.BaseOBObject;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.ClientEnabled;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.OrganizationEnabled;
import org.openbravo.base.structure.Traceable;
import org.openbravo.model.common.enterprise.Organization;
import java.lang.Boolean;
import java.lang.Long;
import java.lang.String;
import java.math.BigDecimal;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Date;
import java.util.List;
 * Entity class for entity ADHeartbeatLog (stored in table AD_Heartbeat_Log).
 * NOTE: This class should not be instantiated directly. To instantiate this
 * class the {@link org.openbravo.base.provider.OBProvider} should be used.
public class HeartbeatLog extends BaseOBObject implements Traceable,
    ClientEnabled, OrganizationEnabled, ActiveEnabled {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    public static final String TABLE_NAME = "AD_Heartbeat_Log";
    public static final String ADHeartbeatLog = "ADHeartbeatLog";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ID = "id";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CLIENT = "client";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION = "organization";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ACTIVE = "active";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE = "creationDate";
    public static final String PROPERTY_CREATEDBY = "createdBy";
    public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATED = "updated";
    public static final String PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY = "updatedBy";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SYSTEMIDENTIFIER = "systemIdentifier";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ENABLEHEARTBEAT = "enableHeartbeat";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PROXYREQUIRED = "proxyRequired";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PROXYSERVER = "proxyServer";
    public static final String PROPERTY_PROXYPORT = "proxyPort";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ACTIVITYRATE = "activityRate";
    public static final String PROPERTY_COMPLEXITYRATE = "complexityRate";
    public static final String PROPERTY_OPERATINGSYSTEM = "operatingSystem";
    public static final String PROPERTY_OPERATINGSYSTEMVERSION =
    public static final String PROPERTY_DATABASE = "database";
    public static final String PROPERTY_DATABASEVERSION = "databaseVersion";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SERVLETCONTAINER = "servletContainer";
    public static final String PROPERTY_SERVLETCONTAINERVERSION =
    public static final String PROPERTY_WEBSERVER = "webServer";
    public static final String PROPERTY_WEBSERVERVERSION = "webServerVersion";
    public static final String PROPERTY_JAVAVERSION = "javaVersion";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ANTVERSION = "antVersion";
    public static final String PROPERTY_OPENBRAVOVERSION = "openbravoVersion";
    public static final String PROPERTY_OPENBRAVOINSTALLMODE =
    public static final String PROPERTY_NUMBEROFREGISTEREDUSERS =
    public static final String PROPERTY_CODEREVISION = "codeRevision";
    public static final String PROPERTY_BEATTYPE = "beatType";
    public static final String PROPERTY_DATABASEIDENTIFIER =
    public static final String PROPERTY_MACIDENTIFIER = "macIdentifier";
    public static final String PROPERTY_INSTALLEDMODULES = "installedModules";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ACTIVATIONKEYIDENTIFIER =
    public static final String PROPERTY_FIRSTLOGIN = "firstLogin";
    public static final String PROPERTY_LASTLOGIN = "lastLogin";
    public static final String PROPERTY_TOTALLOGINS = "totalLogins";
    public static final String PROPERTY_TOTALLOGINSLASTMONTH =
    public static final String PROPERTY_CONCURRENTUSERSAVERAGE =
    public static final String PROPERTY_USAGEPERCENTAGE = "usagePercentage";
    public static final String PROPERTY_MAXIMUMCONCURRENTUSERS =
    public static final String PROPERTY_NUMBEROFCLIENTS = "numberOfClients";
    public static final String PROPERTY_NUMBEROFORGANIZATIONS =
    public static final String PROPERTY_USAGEAUDITENABLED = "usageAuditEnabled";
    public static final String PROPERTY_INSTANCEPURPOSE = "instancePurpose";
    public static final String PROPERTY_INSTANCENUMBER = "instanceNumber";
    public static final String PROPERTY_ENABLECUSTOMQUERIES =
    public HeartbeatLog() {
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, true);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE, new Date());
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_UPDATED, new Date());
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ENABLEHEARTBEAT, false);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_PROXYREQUIRED, false);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_CODEREVISION, "0");
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_BEATTYPE, "U");
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_USAGEAUDITENABLED, false);
        setDefaultValue(PROPERTY_ENABLECUSTOMQUERIES, true);
            new ArrayList<Object>());
    public String getEntityName() {
        return ADHeartbeatLog;
    public String getId() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ID);
    public void setId(String id) {
        set(PROPERTY_ID, id);
    public Client getClient() {
        return (Client) get(PROPERTY_CLIENT);
    public void setClient(Client client) {
        set(PROPERTY_CLIENT, client);
    public Organization getOrganization() {
        return (Organization) get(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION);
    public void setOrganization(Organization organization) {
        set(PROPERTY_ORGANIZATION, organization);
    public Boolean isActive() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_ACTIVE);
    public void setActive(Boolean active) {
        set(PROPERTY_ACTIVE, active);
    public Date getCreationDate() {
        return (Date) get(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE);
    public void setCreationDate(Date creationDate) {
        set(PROPERTY_CREATIONDATE, creationDate);
    public User getCreatedBy() {
        return (User) get(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY);
    public void setCreatedBy(User createdBy) {
        set(PROPERTY_CREATEDBY, createdBy);
    public Date getUpdated() {
        return (Date) get(PROPERTY_UPDATED);
    public void setUpdated(Date updated) {
        set(PROPERTY_UPDATED, updated);
    public User getUpdatedBy() {
        return (User) get(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY);
    public void setUpdatedBy(User updatedBy) {
        set(PROPERTY_UPDATEDBY, updatedBy);
    public String getSystemIdentifier() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_SYSTEMIDENTIFIER);
    public void setSystemIdentifier(String systemIdentifier) {
        set(PROPERTY_SYSTEMIDENTIFIER, systemIdentifier);
    public Boolean isEnableHeartbeat() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_ENABLEHEARTBEAT);
    public void setEnableHeartbeat(Boolean enableHeartbeat) {
        set(PROPERTY_ENABLEHEARTBEAT, enableHeartbeat);
    public Boolean isProxyRequired() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_PROXYREQUIRED);
    public void setProxyRequired(Boolean proxyRequired) {
        set(PROPERTY_PROXYREQUIRED, proxyRequired);
    public String getProxyServer() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_PROXYSERVER);
    public void setProxyServer(String proxyServer) {
        set(PROPERTY_PROXYSERVER, proxyServer);
    public Long getProxyPort() {
        return (Long) get(PROPERTY_PROXYPORT);
    public void setProxyPort(Long proxyPort) {
        set(PROPERTY_PROXYPORT, proxyPort);
    public BigDecimal getActivityRate() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_ACTIVITYRATE);
    public void setActivityRate(BigDecimal activityRate) {
        set(PROPERTY_ACTIVITYRATE, activityRate);
    public BigDecimal getComplexityRate() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_COMPLEXITYRATE);
    public void setComplexityRate(BigDecimal complexityRate) {
        set(PROPERTY_COMPLEXITYRATE, complexityRate);
    public String getOperatingSystem() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_OPERATINGSYSTEM);
    public void setOperatingSystem(String operatingSystem) {
        set(PROPERTY_OPERATINGSYSTEM, operatingSystem);
    public String getOperatingSystemVersion() {
    public void setOperatingSystemVersion(String operatingSystemVersion) {
        set(PROPERTY_OPERATINGSYSTEMVERSION, operatingSystemVersion);
    public String getDatabase() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_DATABASE);
    public void setDatabase(String database) {
        set(PROPERTY_DATABASE, database);
    public String getDatabaseVersion() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_DATABASEVERSION);
    public void setDatabaseVersion(String databaseVersion) {
        set(PROPERTY_DATABASEVERSION, databaseVersion);
    public String getServletContainer() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_SERVLETCONTAINER);
    public void setServletContainer(String servletContainer) {
        set(PROPERTY_SERVLETCONTAINER, servletContainer);
    public String getServletContainerVersion() {
    public void setServletContainerVersion(String servletContainerVersion) {
        set(PROPERTY_SERVLETCONTAINERVERSION, servletContainerVersion);
    public String getWebServer() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_WEBSERVER);
    public void setWebServer(String webServer) {
        set(PROPERTY_WEBSERVER, webServer);
    public String getWebServerVersion() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_WEBSERVERVERSION);
    public void setWebServerVersion(String webServerVersion) {
        set(PROPERTY_WEBSERVERVERSION, webServerVersion);
    public String getJavaVersion() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_JAVAVERSION);
    public void setJavaVersion(String javaVersion) {
        set(PROPERTY_JAVAVERSION, javaVersion);
    public String getAntVersion() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_ANTVERSION);
    public void setAntVersion(String antVersion) {
        set(PROPERTY_ANTVERSION, antVersion);
    public String getOpenbravoVersion() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_OPENBRAVOVERSION);
    public void setOpenbravoVersion(String openbravoVersion) {
        set(PROPERTY_OPENBRAVOVERSION, openbravoVersion);
    public String getOpenbravoInstallMode() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_OPENBRAVOINSTALLMODE);
    public void setOpenbravoInstallMode(String openbravoInstallMode) {
        set(PROPERTY_OPENBRAVOINSTALLMODE, openbravoInstallMode);
    public Long getNumberOfRegisteredUsers() {
    public void setNumberOfRegisteredUsers(Long numberOfRegisteredUsers) {
        set(PROPERTY_NUMBEROFREGISTEREDUSERS, numberOfRegisteredUsers);
    public String getCodeRevision() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_CODEREVISION);
    public void setCodeRevision(String codeRevision) {
        set(PROPERTY_CODEREVISION, codeRevision);
    public String getBeatType() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_BEATTYPE);
    public void setBeatType(String beatType) {
        set(PROPERTY_BEATTYPE, beatType);
    public String getDatabaseIdentifier() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_DATABASEIDENTIFIER);
    public void setDatabaseIdentifier(String databaseIdentifier) {
        set(PROPERTY_DATABASEIDENTIFIER, databaseIdentifier);
    public String getMacIdentifier() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_MACIDENTIFIER);
    public void setMacIdentifier(String macIdentifier) {
        set(PROPERTY_MACIDENTIFIER, macIdentifier);
    public String getInstalledModules() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_INSTALLEDMODULES);
    public void setInstalledModules(String installedModules) {
        set(PROPERTY_INSTALLEDMODULES, installedModules);
    public String getActivationKeyIdentifier() {
    public void setActivationKeyIdentifier(String activationKeyIdentifier) {
        set(PROPERTY_ACTIVATIONKEYIDENTIFIER, activationKeyIdentifier);
    public Date getFirstLogin() {
        return (Date) get(PROPERTY_FIRSTLOGIN);
    public void setFirstLogin(Date firstLogin) {
        set(PROPERTY_FIRSTLOGIN, firstLogin);
    public Date getLastLogin() {
        return (Date) get(PROPERTY_LASTLOGIN);
    public void setLastLogin(Date lastLogin) {
        set(PROPERTY_LASTLOGIN, lastLogin);
    public Long getTotalLogins() {
        return (Long) get(PROPERTY_TOTALLOGINS);
    public void setTotalLogins(Long totalLogins) {
        set(PROPERTY_TOTALLOGINS, totalLogins);
    public Long getTotalLoginsLastMonth() {
    public void setTotalLoginsLastMonth(Long totalLoginsLastMonth) {
        set(PROPERTY_TOTALLOGINSLASTMONTH, totalLoginsLastMonth);
    public BigDecimal getConcurrentUsersAverage() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_CONCURRENTUSERSAVERAGE);
    public void setConcurrentUsersAverage(BigDecimal concurrentUsersAverage) {
        set(PROPERTY_CONCURRENTUSERSAVERAGE, concurrentUsersAverage);
    public BigDecimal getUsagePercentage() {
        return (BigDecimal) get(PROPERTY_USAGEPERCENTAGE);
    public void setUsagePercentage(BigDecimal usagePercentage) {
        set(PROPERTY_USAGEPERCENTAGE, usagePercentage);
    public Long getMaximumConcurrentUsers() {
    public void setMaximumConcurrentUsers(Long maximumConcurrentUsers) {
        set(PROPERTY_MAXIMUMCONCURRENTUSERS, maximumConcurrentUsers);
    public Long getNumberOfClients() {
        return (Long) get(PROPERTY_NUMBEROFCLIENTS);
    public void setNumberOfClients(Long numberOfClients) {
        set(PROPERTY_NUMBEROFCLIENTS, numberOfClients);
    public Long getNumberOfOrganizations() {
    public void setNumberOfOrganizations(Long numberOfOrganizations) {
        set(PROPERTY_NUMBEROFORGANIZATIONS, numberOfOrganizations);
    public Boolean isUsageAuditEnabled() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_USAGEAUDITENABLED);
    public void setUsageAuditEnabled(Boolean usageAuditEnabled) {
        set(PROPERTY_USAGEAUDITENABLED, usageAuditEnabled);
    public String getInstancePurpose() {
        return (String) get(PROPERTY_INSTANCEPURPOSE);
    public void setInstancePurpose(String instancePurpose) {
        set(PROPERTY_INSTANCEPURPOSE, instancePurpose);
    public Long getRejectedLoginsDueConcUsers() {
    public void setRejectedLoginsDueConcUsers(Long rejectedLoginsDueConcUsers) {
        set(PROPERTY_REJECTEDLOGINSDUECONCUSERS, rejectedLoginsDueConcUsers);
    public Long getInstanceNumber() {
        return (Long) get(PROPERTY_INSTANCENUMBER);
    public void setInstanceNumber(Long instanceNumber) {
        set(PROPERTY_INSTANCENUMBER, instanceNumber);
    public Boolean isEnableCustomQueries() {
        return (Boolean) get(PROPERTY_ENABLECUSTOMQUERIES);
    public void setEnableCustomQueries(Boolean enableCustomQueries) {
        set(PROPERTY_ENABLECUSTOMQUERIES, enableCustomQueries);
    public List<HeartbeatLogCustomQuery> getADHeartbeatLogCustomQueryList() {
        return (List<HeartbeatLogCustomQuery>) get(PROPERTY_ADHEARTBEATLOGCUSTOMQUERYLIST);
    public void setADHeartbeatLogCustomQueryList(
        List<HeartbeatLogCustomQuery> aDHeartbeatLogCustomQueryList) {

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