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ERP 2.50:Extension Module Demonstrations Videos

ERP 2.50:Developers Guide


Welcome to Openbravo ERP "Extension Module" Demonstrations Videos

This is a collection of recorded webinars and resources aimed to demonstrate through real extension modules the potential of Openbravo modularity, to help you better understand development techniques, processes and tools you can use to create extension modules, and to show concrete functional solutions to address specific requirements that might inspire you to create your own solutions.

These webinars are conducted periodically every two weeks, read this post to know more about this activity. You should monitor this forum to keep you informed about next sessions.

In this section Openbravo will publish recorded videos of conducted webinars and resources used during the session so you can watch them if you were not able to join the on-line webinar, although it is strongly recommended to attend the on-line sessions since you will be able to participate and get answered your own questions.

The following recorded webinars are available:

Please find below planned schedule for the upcoming webinars:

Note that this is the preliminary agenda so some changes in topics / timing are possible and this page will be updated to reflect it. So it is recommended to follow our Extension Module Forum for the precise schedule.

We would also like to encourage you to take direct part in the webinar creation. If you have an interesting module in your portfolio (and we are sure you have some) do not miss this initiative to introduce it to the World. Please drop a line in the Forum or to the e-mail: Ismael.Ciordia or Dmitry.Mezentsev at and we will guide you through the process.

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