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ERP 2.50:OpenJDK support plan



Openbravo has been using Sun JDK (currently 1.6) since its very beginnings. Now (November 2009), Openbravo has decided to support OpenJDK (version 6). This page holds information related to this decision and to the migration process.

Why OpenJDK

OpenJDK is the effort by Sun Microsystems to release a fully buildable Java Development Kit based completely on free and open source code. Right now OpenJDK 6 has passed the Technology Compatibility Kit tests and claims to be a fully compatible Java 6 implementation.

This means that OpenJDK 6 will the future default JDK in many systems, and this is also true in many current ones. Ubuntu is an example of this, the 10.04LTS version will not include Sun JDK in the standard repositories at all. So being OpenJDK the natural replacement of Sun JDK Openbravo ERP is strongly committed to support it.

Builds and integrations

We have set up continuous builds and functional tests of our bleeding edge erp/devel/pi code repository. This will help us detecting mismatches between our current stack and the new candidates. These are the current jobs:

Known issues


ID Milestone Owner When Status
1 Initial study and continuous builds/tests setup Jpabloae - RM Team 05/11/2009 Done
2 Format manual test QA team n/a Not started
3 Test the processes with volunteered developers RM Team n/a Not started


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