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Several parameters should be configured for Openbravo to work correctly. These parameters can be configured through a graphical interface using the setup tool or by hand.


The content of this file include:

Date/time format

Define the date and time formats:

Bulbgraph.png   After changing any of those properties above a complete re-compilation must be done, a smartbuild is not sufficient. This is needed as those values are incorporated in various generated files.



Bulbgraph.png   Available from 2.50MP19

Tomcat Manager

Development parameters

Parameters specially useful for developers.


authentication.class: property used configure the authentication manager. Possible values:

This is an example using the default authentication manager.




Safe mode

Log in security

Bulbgraph.png   Available from 2.50MP15

These properties are explained in detail in Log in security document.


Edition is a plain text file that you can edit manually by duplicating the file or using the graphical assistant (wizard).

To configure it using the wizard, first run the ant setup command to download the setup tool that matches your operating system and architecture:

cd openbravo-root
ant setup

Then, go to the config/ directory and run the setup-properties tool. For example, in Linux:

cd openbravo-root/config

Note: If there is no setup binary for your operating system and architecture, send a request to <staff.rm at openbravo dot com>.

Old configuration

This file is used for configuring the 2.40 and 2.50 versions. In the 2.3x version it only used for some ant database tasks.

The r2.3x version also requires configuring three additional files:



This file stores the database connection data used during compilation. The URL parameter has the format: 'CONNECTOR:USER/PASSWORD@SERVER:PORT:SID'. This is an example: 'jdbc:oracle:thin:user/password@localhost:1521:xe'. Each of this parameters is explained below:


This file stores the database connection data used during execution. The parameters are the same as those of config/dbCon5.xml, but grouped in different order.

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