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ERP 2.50:Openbravo ERP - Pending receivables by date ranges - Tutorial



One of the most important aspects of a finance director's job is to know what receivables are due for payment, and when.

Openbravo ERP enables you to view pending receivables by due date range, using the Payment Aging Balance report. From within the report, you can break down each aged amount into its component receivable amounts.

About this demonstration

This demonstration shows you how to view the Payment Aging Balance report and then drill down to a detailed view of a list of receivables.

Demo steps

Step 1. Viewing the Payment Aging Balance report

The financial director navigates to the Aging balance report.

  1. Navigate to: Financial Management > Receivables & Payables > Analysis Tools > Payment Aging Balance.
  2. From the Organization list, select California.
  3. Select the Receivable radio button.
  4. In the Business Partner field, select CUS1011 and click the Add button.
  5. Click the HTML Format button.
  6. The report for the selected receivables is displayed.

Step 2. Drill down to receivables

The financial director navigates to the list of receivables that form an amount.

  1. Click on an amount that you want to view in detail.
  2. The Payment report with the receivables that compose the amount is displayed. You can then navigate to the document that generated the payment or return to the aging balance.


The Payment Aging Balance report is an easy but powerful way to show payables or receivables that are pending within the date ranges you specify.

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