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ERP 2.50:Openbravo ERP - Quote to Sales Order - Tutorial



A way of initiate a Sales Process is from a quote. This quote can become a Sales Order. This quote is usually for companies that work with offerts.

About this demonstration

This demo script shows a variation to the Sales Order flow, starting with a quote. The demo shows how the quote is transformed in a Sales Order, from here it follows the Sales Order flow. The creation of a quotation is done in Openbravo ERP in the Sales Order form so the quotation can be easily transformed in a Sales Order.

Demo Steps

Create a quote

The customer request a quote about two products.

Step 1. Create the header of the quote

The salesperson creates the header of the quote, which contains the customer information.

  1. Navigate to: Sales Management > Transactions > Sales Order.
  2. Click the new record iconIconNew23.png
  3. Select the California Organization.
  4. From the Transaction Document drop-down list, select Quotation
  5. In the Business Partner field, type the code CUS1011 and press Return.
  6. Leave the remaining fields at their default value.
  7. Click the Save button. The message: “1 row/s inserted” shows that the new record has been created.

Step 2. Create the lines of the quote

The salesperson adds the two products to the lines of the quote: 10 units of wine from China and 20 units of wine from Holland.

  1. Select the Lines tab.
  2. Click the new record iconIconNew23.png
  3. In the Product field, type: W/CN.
  4. In the Ordered quantity field, type: 10. The Line Net Amount is calculated automatically.
  5. Click on the Save and New buttonIconSaveAndNew23.png to add a new line.
  6. In the Product field, type W/NL.
  7. In the Ordered quantity field, type:20
  8. Click the Save and Grid buttonIconSaveAndRelation.png. The two lines appear in the grid

Step 3. Completion and verification of the quote

The quote and their lines have now been saved in the Openbravo ERP, but they have not yet been processed.

Once you have completed this quote, you must write down the document number of the quote for further reference. The document number is your unique reference to your created Quote.

  1. Select the Header tab.
  2. Click the Complete button.
  3. The “Document Action” pop-up form appears
  4. Click OK to complete the process.
  5. Write down the Document No. for further reference,
  6. The Document Status shows the value Under way.

Transform a quote into a Standard Sales Order

The customer calls to say he accepts the quotation. In this demo, the quote is not changed but in another case the salesperson can change any data (header or/and lines) from the quote before completing it as a Sales Order.

Step 1. Select the quote

The salesperson searches the quote with the Document number that is the reference of the quote. In a real case, it will be enough with the name of Customer but as there may be various users making the same demo with the same Customer this is not enough.

  1. Navigate to: Sales Management > Transactions > Sales Order.
  2. Click the search record iconIconSearch.png
  3. The Search pop-up form appears
  4. In the Document No., type the number you have write down when completing the quote.
  5. Click OK. THe required quote is shown.
  6. Change the Transaction Document field to Standard Order.
  7. Click the Save button IconSave.png. The message: “1 row/s updated” shows that the record has been modified.
  8. Click OK to complete the process.
  9. The Document Status shows the value Completed.


The demo script shows another way of creating a Standard Sales Order, from a Quote. From here the process can be continued at Generating a Shipment

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