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ERP 2.50:Professional Appliance Disaster Recovery

Bulbgraph.png   This document refers to outdated appliances based on rPath and is most likely not what you are looking for.
  • If you are using current appliances based on Ubuntu, go here.
  • If you are using appliances based on rPath, it is required to migrate to the latest appliances because rPath appliance is end of life.



Recovering ERP from a disaster is a simple process so that it can be done in simple way as described in this article.To know more about our ERP.The Professional subscription can be downloaded here and the manual to install is here. This wiki helps you to restore,recover the ERP from several disater .For example , if we updated or modified something that lead to disaster like some example explained below.In 2.50 professional appliance it may be categorised as two parts as:

So below we can have a brief look of three types of Disaster from ERP and Appliance stack.

Note: We need a administration setup so that we can access below steps as per our requirement.

ERP Disaster

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This is due to first part of ERP some damage occurs and recovering backup as below:

Stack Problem

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It happens in the second part that is due to Appliance some disaster happened.It can be explained better with the example as"If we updated something in the appliance (e.g. apache httpd), but we are not happy with the update, we don't want it."

Total Disaster

It also happens in the second part that is due to Appliance any disaster happened.For Example,if a total system or server crashes? how we can recover it? through following steps:

  1. Disaster can be recoverd as here.
  2. User must have had run a backup before the ERP update.
  3. Install the Professional appliance in a new machine.
  4. Restore the backup in new machine.

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