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ERP 2.50:QA Processes/2.50/Openbravo Professional Subscription Console Testing



This document explains the procedure for testing a Professional Subscription update. Since 2.50, there are two kind of updates, one for the ERP and other for the stack. If any stack update, Professional Subscription customers will receive through the console a notification about available packs to download. ERP updates will be managed on a different way.

Test process

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Test begins with a current Professional Subscription installation, patched with the last update released.

From Release Management Department, an announce about a new update ready for testing will be published. Then, the Professional Subscription QA Server will have an update available.

From the console, go to Updates and check for updates. An update should be shown. Apply it.

To verify update is successful, check that Openbravo Console shows the proper version number

Console testing

There are some basic testing done after every update. First, that the database backups can be manually generated. This is done by accessing Database Backups menu option and choosing Backup Now.

The other test is a rollback test. Once upgrade is completed, go to Manage Rollbacks and perform a rollback to the previous version.

To verify rollback is successful:

Bug Revision

All bugs fixed on the update under test will be verified.

The bug list will be verified according Defect life cycle.

Test cases

After all the steps are completed, a full set of functional test cases will be executed to assure stability.

Console test cases can be found at Testlink

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