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ERP 2.50:QA test plan 2.50/Attachment icon



In the toolbar there is an icon to attach documents to a record. This icon should be different if the record has any documents attached.

Aim of the project

The project changes the attachment icon in the toolbar in real-time depending on the existence of attachments for the current record. The item is updated when one of the following actions happen:


For this test execution, it will be necessary to have Openbravo ERP with the attachmenticon branch active.

Previous data

In order to test this module, the sampledata coming with the ERP is sufficient.

Test cases

As the changes affect all generated windows in a similar way, it is sufficient to pick one window and test the new functionality with it.

The selected window for this test is the product window:

As there are three different actions which triggers an update of the attachment icon it is necessary to test all of these action.


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