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ERP 2.50:QA test plan 2.50/Create lines from


User case

The purchase manager wants to make a purchase order. The product that he is going to buy has double unit so he will order, for instance, 2 bags that are 20 units of the product. Ten days later the goods are receipt by the warehouse manager. While he is registering the goods in the application he notices that he has receipt 1 bag that are 10 units so he has to change the quantity. In addition he has to specify the Lot and expiration date for the product.

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is to test that he can do all these tasks from the new Create lines from button that is present in the Goods Receipt window.


Before this project was done, the Create lines from button was the same either for Goods receipt window or the Goods Shipment window. Now the button is different for each window but the functionality should remain the same for Goods Shipment window, so no regression should appear.

Previous data

Previous data for Goods receipt test cases

Previous data for Goods shipments test cases

Test cases

The structure for the test cases is:

Previous data

 1.Create a unit conversion

Procurement Management

 1. Create a purchase order
2. Create Goods receipt

Sales Management

1. Create Standard Sales Order
2. Create Goods shipment

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