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ERP 2.50:QA test plan 2.50/Javascript Spanish names



There are a lot of Spanish functions and variables across the application. For example: depurar, accion, valor, campo, bolDepurar, bolComprobar, bolComprobarCambios, strValorNumerico, bolDecimales, bolNegativo...

These items are located in the .js inside the web/js folder, and in the html which invoke them.

Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to translate Spanish words in Javascript to English.


For this test execution, it will be necessary a Openbravo ERP with javascriptremovespanish branch active.

Test cases

Keyboard shortcuts

  1. Navigate for all inputs of a generated window (Business partner) and a manual window (Report sales order invoice), in two directions forward and reverse.
  2. Test Ctrl-N, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-G, F10 and F9 in sales order.


   Invoice Address, User/Contact, Partner Address, Price List,	Delivery Location, Invoice Terms,
   Currency,Delivery Terms, Warehouse, Sales Representative, Print Discount, 
   Form of Payment and Payment Terms
   Form of Payment and Payments terms.

Display logic

  1. Business Partner - potential Customer


  1. Change some elements the menu position (Tree menu window)
  1. Check links of the menu tree window

Javascript Widgets: Calendar, calculator and grid

  1. Test calendar in GL Journal Batch:
    1. Introduce a date with the calendar.
    2. Delete and introduce a new date with the keyboard. Try to introduce alphabetic characters and add more digits than the size of a date.
    3. Open again the calendar and check that the value of the field is loaded in the calendar.
  2. Test calculator in product:
    1. In Volume field introduce a value with the calculator.
    2. Open again the calculator and check that the value of the field is load in the calculator.
  3. Test grid in "Windows, tab and fields" with System Administrator role:
    1. Double click in a record.
    2. Go to a child tab (for example tab).
    3. Scroll with mouse wheel.
    4. Scroll with the scrollbar of the window.
    5. Order by the second column asc and desc.
    6. Go to Sales order and select 3 records and press "Del" button.


Not allow to delete records without permission.

  1. With OpenbravoAdmin try to delete user Openbravo in grid view.


  1. Install Spanish translation, and select it on user options.
  2. Remove the Spanish translation for message JS1, in the application dictionary/messages.
  3. In any window that has required fields (Sale order for example), create a new record.
  4. Leave a required field empty (for example: Sales order) and save.

Backwards Compatibility

Copy a window (java, xml and html) form 2.5x to the branch and test if "depurar" and other wrapped functions works.

  1. Copy GL journal html code form the branch r2.5x into the same file of javascripremovespanish.
  2. Do the same with xml and java files.
  3. Compile and test the Copy from GL journal works:
    1. Select some line and press ok.
    2. In firebug should not appear any error of missing functions.
    3. Check the lines are created.

Depurar Function

  1. Generated window Edition: GL Journal:
    1. Create a new GL Journal Batch.
    2. Try to save without introduce a description.
    3. Introduce the description and save.
  2. Generated window Grid: Tax Payment:
    1. Press Grid view or Ctrl-G. Is supposed that there isn't any record.
    2. Try to go to the child tab: Tax Register header. Depurar function will block this action because there is no record selected.
    3. Create one Tax payment.
    4. Return to grid view and try again to go to child tab: tax register header. Now should work.
  3. Manual window Edition: Production Report:
    1. Press the "PDF format" button without fill any fields.
    2. Fill the first field (from date) press button.
    3. Fill the second field (to date) press button.

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