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ERP 2.50:QA test plan 2.50/XSQL Insert Update Review Testing



In some processes or manual windows (.java processes) when an error happens due to a null value, for example, a ProcessRunError message is displayed. This message is not clear at all and in the log you can see perfectly the error for example: ORA-01400: no se puede realizar una inserciĆ³n NULL en "TAD240R2"."C_INVOICE"."PAYMENTRULE"

Aim of the project

The XSQL Insert Update Review project aims to review the *.java files of all manual windows (processes) that have methods that insert or update records in the database.

Impact in the application

Nothing serious. Only the modified files.

Code review

Review all what have been changed in all the files. To check this follow the development status project.

Test cases

These cases are for regression purpose to verify nothing has been broken and everything keep working fine.

1.Import File Loader

1.1 Create Import Loader Format
Name Column Data type Decimal point Constant value
Organization ad_org_id Constant . 0
Search key value String .
Name name String .
Uom_id C_Uom_Id Number .
Description description String .
Product type ProductType Constant . I
Product category value ProductCategory_value String .
1.2 Import file loader

2. Copy Lines - Products From Invoices

3. Copy Lines - Products From History

4. Copy from Order

5. Create Lines From

5.1 Create Goods receipt
5.2 Create Purchase Invoice
5.3 Create Settlement
5.4 Create Remittance
5.5 Create Bank Statement
5.6 Create Payment status Management

6. Pending goods receipt

7.Create sales orders from expenses

8.Create AP Expense Invoices

9. Set project type, close and copy details

Create a multiphase project

10. Copy from settlement

11. Copy a gl journal


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