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ERP 2.50:Starting Guide for Wiki translators

Important: This guide is intended for translators willing to help translating our wiki to other languages. For translating Openbravo ERP or Openbravo POS see:


Important articles and Main Page

This list gives you a quick reference to what we think is the most important documentation in Openbravo ERP and POS.

Every language can have their own main page. Instead of just translating the English main page, we recommend to create your own page (see the Spanish as example) that contain information relevant (e.g. documents translated) to the target language.


Translating documentation

In the Openbravo project most of the documentation is at the project's Wiki. This allows people to modify and enhance the documentation, but also allows every one to translate the documentation into their language.

Mediawiki supports different multilingual strategies. At Openbravo's Wiki we use the ISO-639-1 language code.

Naming documents

For naming documents we use the format document_name/iso_639_code. For example, the name of this help page in English is:

In French is:

Where fr the ISO-639-1 code for French.

For German is:

Where de is the ISO-639-1 code for German language.

Adding the following template to your Wiki page:

{{Language | Page name}}

will create the necessary links to access the same pages in other languages.

Naming images

For naming images the same guidelines are followed. Just add an underscore plus with the language code plus an additional underscore plus the country code.

For example, installer.jpg becomes installer_de.jpg for the German version.

Naming categories

For naming categories the same guidelines are followed. Just add underscore plus the language code.

For example, the category UserManual_10 becomes UserManual_10_fr for the French version.

Important recommendations

Please, when translating Wiki documents remember:

See also

For guidelines and general help on editing in our wiki see the Help article.

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