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IconAutoForm.png Heartbeat Configuration

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Enable/disable and configure the heartbeat which sends non-commercial system information to Openbravo.

What is the Openbravo Heartbeat?

The Openbravo Heartbeat is a process which sends Openbravo periodic updates regarding your technical system specifications (e.g. Operating System, Database, and ERP Version).

When the System Administrator first logs into Openbravo ERP after installing the application, a popup window is displayed explaining what the Heartbeat is and giving the user the option of enabling or disabling it, or leaving the decision to enable/disable until a later date. If Enable is chosen, the user is redirected to the Heartbeat Configuration window to configure the Heartbeat. If disabled, the Heartbeat is disabled. If the decision to enable/disable is postponed, the System Administrator will be prompted with the popup again after 3 days.

During heartbeat processing, the data that is collected is as follows:

The heartbeat data is stored in a file controlled by Openbravo S.L.U. It is collected solely to gather and send data about your Openbravo product installation back to a service on Openbravo SLU's infrastructure to assist managing your Openbravo product installation. As a benefit to you, with this information, Openbravo SLU can offer you system configuration and component update information, sent automatically to you. Available updates may include, for example, Operating System updates, Database updates and Openbravo code. This data will be used on an aggregated and anonymous basis to generate reports identifying where and how the Openbravo product is being utilised.

For further information, please consult the Functional Specification.

Openbravo stores this information on servers in the USA and implements security measures in accordance with applicable legislation to maintain the confidentiality of this data. This data is not used for commercial purposes other than as set out above. It is not communicated or transferred to any third party

You may deactivate this feature by disabling the “enable heartbeat” box. In addition, you may exercise your right to access, rectify, oppose and cancel the data by writing to Openbravo, S.L.U. PO Box 5117, 31010 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, or by email to

By enabling the heartbeat, you consent to the processing of this data and storing of the same in the USA as set out above.

Tab23.png Heartbeat Configuration

Enable or disable the heartbeat process and configure internet connection proxy information.


Enable Heartbeat:Enable/Disable Heartbeat process
Proxy Required:Proxy configuration required to access internet
Proxy Server:Proxy server name
Proxy Port:Proxy port on the proxy server

Tab23.png Heartbeat Log

View a log of information sent to Openbravo by the heartbeat.


Creation Date:The Created field indicates the date that this record was created
System Identifier:Unique ID identifying this instance of Openbravo
Openbravo Version:The version of this installed Openbravo instance
Openbravo Install Mode:The method used to install Openbravo
Code Revision:The code revision of the installed system
Operating System:The type of Operating System
Operating System Version:The version of Operating System
Database:The database in use by the system
Database Version:The version of database
Servlet Container:The type of servlet container Openbravo runs in
Servlet Container Version:The version of Servlet Container Openbravo runs in
Web Server:The Web Server being used by Openbravo ERP
Web Server Version:The version of Web Server
Java Version:Java version
Ant Version:The version of Ant used to build the application
Proxy Required:Proxy configuration required to access the internet
Activity Rate:The rate of activity within the system
Complexity Rate:The rate of complexity within the system
Proxy Server:Proxy server name
Proxy Port:Proxy port on the proxy server
Number of Registered Users:Number of Registered Users

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