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Electronic Invoice For Italy



Commercial module that implements the electronic invoice format for Italy.

Retrieves the invoice information from the Openbravo API, transforms it to the italian e-invoice format and attaches the zipped XML file to the Invoice record in Openbravo.

It uses the EDL and Openbravo API to infrastructure


  1. Functional Specification
  2. Technical Specification
  3. Jira

User guide


Install the org.openbravo.localization.italy.einvoice module and its dependencies


Itsdi dataset.png
Itsdi organization.png
Itsdi processrequest.png
Itsdi edlconfig.png
Warning.png   From a performance point of view, it is highly recommended to set this preference to a low value.
Itsdi preference.png

Invoices to be sent

In Openbravo terms, Invoice generation at sale time can be configured in the “Channel Touchpoint Type”. In summary: If the parameter “Generate Aggregated Invoices” is selected: No invoice will be created at the time of sale for customers having “Immediate” Invoice Terms, as aggregated invoices will be created at the time of cash up. This parameter does not have to be selected ever, for stores located in Italy as those will have to send sales receipts or “commercial documents” to the RT-printer.

If the parameter “Generate Simplified Invoices” is selected: A simplified invoice/return invoice will be created for any sales transaction booked in the point of sale, for customers having “Immediate” Invoice Terms. These “simplified invoices” will not be sent in electronic format. Openbravo Web POS has a feature (menu option) called “Issue Invoice” that allows to issue Invoices for identified customers having “Immediate” Invoice Terms. Same way, an invoice will be also created in any case for customers having an Invoice Terms different than “Immediate“ (ie. After Delivery), and at the time of product delivery. These invoices are the ones that must be sent to the SDI in an electronic format, in detail:

Itsdi doctype.png
Itsdi doctypereturns.png

E-Invoice generation

The Export Italy Invoices to a XML file process will automatically generate the XML invoices for any candidate invoice. In the EDL Request window you can check the details about the invoices generation.

Besides, if you have enabled the E-invoice XML file attached flag at legal entity level, a ZIP file will be automatically attached to the invoice that you can download if necessary:

Itsdi salesinvoiceattachment.png

Note that the file's name is based on the E-invoice Sequence configured at legal entity level. The numeric value is transformed to a 5 chars alphanumeric value according to the Italian rules.

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