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Forge Migration



We are working to migrate the existing Forge to another forge platform and during this migration process the current system may experience intermittent interruptions of the service provided through the platform. We expect to complete this migration phase in the course of November.

We have created an email list / group ( / Forge Migration Google Group) to send your questions about migration that we will monitor and answer. You can also subscribe to this group to receive notifications about migration process.

We would also like to emphasize that you as Forge user can rest assured that your data will be migrated to the new system.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience during coming weeks.

Migration timing

We plan to start migration on Wednesday 14th at 17.00 CET. Starting from this time existing Forge won´t be available and it will last till 24.00 CET Thursday 15th. At this time we expect to go live with a new infrastructure that substitutes Forge.

Please be aware that during the next days after migration system may experience intermittent interruptions.

After the go live, we will continue working on improving the new infrastructure and will gradually add further functionality.

Forge Replacement Architecture

At this moment going forward we don´t plan to have Forge as integrated service like it was before.
New infrastructure will consist of two parts:

  1. Modules publication and search service. That is the most important part of the infrastructure that is required to support Openbravo modularity.
  2. Development Tools. Set of separate systems hosted by Openbravo (code, issues, wiki, downloads and forums) to which data from existing Forge will be migrated. Modules publication part will have links to them. Restrictions of Development Tools:

We believe this is the best approach. It separates concerns and allows us to focus on core Openbravo asset which is Modules publication and promotion service. While it gives our Community freedom to chose whatever tools they find useful to develop these modules from the companies that specialize on those tools.

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