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Getting started with Openbravo/zh cn



本文档旨在为需要评估和使用 Openbravo 的用户提供一个可快速查询的资源列表。

关于 Openbravo

Openbravo ERP 的适用范围

Openbravo ERP 模块

评估 Openbravo ERP

了解 Openbravo 的版本发布



和其他优秀的开源项目一样,OpenbravoERP 也在 Sourceforge 拥有自己的项目空间 Sourceforge

如欲获取常见问题的解答,请访问 Openbravo FAQ. 本列表会根据论坛 Openbravo forum posts 进行每日更新。


Openbravo 有两种安装模式.

Openbravo ERP 虚拟应用

Openbravo ERP 虚拟应用是面向测试和开发的简单快速的安装模式,它包括了预配置的各种必须环境(OS,DB,Java...)和Openbravo ERP实例。

Openbravo ERP source code and Bitrock installer

Openbravo ERP source code and Bitrock installer are the means to install Openbravo ERP in a production environment. This way of installation, requires a previous installation and configuration of the whole environment stack.

Openbravo ERP upgraders

Openbravo ERP can be upgrade from several versions to newer ones using a graphical assistant.

Functional documentation

In the link below you can find the functional documentation of Openbravo ERP. The purpose of this documentation is to describe, from a logical stand point, what business processes and what functions are supported in the product and how they are implemented. This documentation gives you a very good idea of what can be achieved with the product; it is NOT, however, a detailed step by step implementation guide or a user guide

Configuration manual

In the link below you can find a document that explains how to set up the ERP in order to succeed working with Openbravo ERP. This is a step by step manual and very useful. Still in progress

Development environment

Openbravo development environment includes a mix of tools and methodologies that make Openbravo developers' life easier.

How to contribute to Openbravo

There are many ways to make Openbravo ERP a better product.

QA process. Acceptance testing

Openbravo QA department makes sure that all the releases have a minimum quality.

Whenever a a release is launched, an acceptance process is executed.

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