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Goods Movements

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Goods Movements window allows to create internal inventory movements among warehouses and storage bins.


Internal inventory movements can be created by adding products to the lines tab or by moving all items at once.


All fields are pre-filled in automatically when a new record is created. Some of them to note:

As already mentioned there are 2 ways of entering lines (or products to be moved between warehouses and storage bins):

  1. By adding individual products to the Lines tab.
  2. By moving all items from one bin (Storage Bin From) to another (Storage Bin To) by using the Move Storage Bin button.
    The system automatically inserts one line per every storage bin from and product.



Lines tab is a list of the products moved between warehouses and storage bins.

This tab also includes information about the source, destination and the respective quantity.


Some fields to note:

Once Process Movements process is executed, the stock gets updated.


Accounting information related to the goods movements

For more details please review the accounting article.

A Goods Movement can be posted to the ledger if the MaterialMgmtInternalMovement table is set to Active in the Active Tables tab of the organization's general ledger configuration.

Goods Movement posting creates following accounting entries.

Posting record date: Movement Date.

Account Debit Credit Comment
Product Asset Movement Line Cost Amount One per Goods Movement Line
Product Asset Movement Line Cost Amount One per Goods Movement Line

Posting a Goods Movement implies to have its cost calculated:

Full list of Goods Movements window fields and their descriptions is available in the Goods Movements Screen Reference.

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