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High Volume Performance Issues

IDL extension for Invoices - Performance Issues

IDL extension for Invoices was created for a specific customer which load 500 invoices on an initial load an then load about 50 invoices weekly.

Some tests on very high volume of invoices in other customers (60.000 invoices) had shown two annoying situations:

1.- The load is "All or Nothing" so in a process of 60.000 if the process breaks on invoice 58.000, you have to fix it an start again, if next time breaks on 59.500 you have to fix it an start again. In high volume of data this is a big waste of time.

2.- Performance. The process working with very high volume needs a lot of resources from the server.

Both issues can be fixed in an easy way. (To improve performance is necessary to give up some features like checking if the invoice had been loaded, invoice process feature... ). If you are a partner and you are interested on this features contact with Openbravo throw your usual channel.

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