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How To

Below is a list of "How To" documents aimed at describing ways in which business objectives can be met using Openbravo.
If you want to review development related How To documents please visit this link.

How to Adjust Customer Account Balances Using Credit Memos

How to Transfer Funds Between Financial Accounts

How to Set Up Discounts for Early Payment

How To Use Volume Discounts

How to Manage Prepaid Invoices in Receivables

How to Manage Prepaid Invoices in Payables

How to Manage Payroll Accounting and Payment

How to Manage Attributes and Attributes Sets

How to Manage VAT settlement and payment

How to Manage Deferred Revenue and Expenses

How to Manage Payments in other currencies than the financial account currency

How to initialize financial balances in Openbravo

How Prices Including Taxes are calculated

How to Configure an Attachment Method

How to manage "Cancel and Replace" process

How to manage Alternative Units of Measure (AUM)

How to Properly Configure Costing Functionality

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