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How To Enable Customization Of The Login Page



The objective of this article it to provide the necessary steps to enable customization of the Openbravo login page.

Recommended Articles

Please read this article about Authentication in Openbravo ERP. It explains the the way the authentication and the authentication manager work and how they are being configured.

Execution Steps

A couple of modiffications are necessary to change the look of the login page. To start off with a base we will be working on, we will be using the Openbravo 3 Demo Login Page module.

Installing Required Module

Configuring the Environment

As already mentioned, a few more steps are needed:

Exchange the revision number "revisionControl('14275')" with the number set in the getCurrentRevision() method in utils.js

Once done, you will see that the login page has changed. You can use this module as the base for your development and customize the Login.html as you want.

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