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How To Localize

How To Localize



How to become a localization leader

If you would like to become the localization leader for a new or existing localization project then please log an issue at (in the localizers' support project). Give your contact details and a short description of why you would like to lead the localization.

If both parties (you and Openbravo) agree to the appointment then we will add your initiative to Localization Projects article on the Openbravo Wiki. We will provide you with access to a Subversion directory for your localization, and make an announcement in the localization discussion forum in the Openbravo Forge introducing you as the new leader.

Role of a localization leader

The role of the Localization Leader is to lead a community localization project to localize Openbravo ERP for a particular country.

Objectives of a Community Localization Project:

The objective of a community localization project is to localize Openbravo ERP for that community country so that Openbravo ERP can be successfully used in that country. This includes (but is not limited to) developing and maintaining any translation that may be required, and creating and testing an appropriate chart of accounts. The community is encouraged to share other initiatives, including fiscal reports, expertise on tax configuration, bank interfaces, etc., all of which can be published to the Openbravo Forge.

Responsibilities of a Localization Leader

Openbravo has no formal contract with a localization leader, however the role of localization leader does have some assumed responsibilities.

As a localization leader you should be willing to:

If you create features or functionality that you think could be useful in the core of the application then please let us know. Code contributors are asked to sign a code contribution agreement, and after that Openbravo would evaluate your contribution.

Benefits of being a Localization Leader

We hope that the objectives and responsibilities don’t sound too onerous. The fact is that how much you do (or don't do) is really up to you, but we do hope that you are interested in being recognized as the leader of an open-source community initiative in your country.

How to stop being a Localization Leader

If you would like to stop being the Localization Leader, then please log an issue at (in the Localizers Support project) providing a short explanation why you no longer want the role and make an announcement on the Discussion Forum to that effect, inviting someone else from the community to volunteer. Any volunteer should then read the section above.

How to localize Openbravo ERP

Openbravo ERP can be easily localized to adapt to any region. There are already many completed localization projects and many more in progress. Your participation and feedback on either new or existing localization initiatives is welcome.

The absolute minimum objective for a community localization project is to have the following:

In most countries this is all you need to start using Openbravo ERP.

However, we do encourage our community to go beyond the minimum requirements. A community localization project may wish to provide a tighter fit to the local requirements and include additional geography-specific capabilities by providing additional modules.

This may include, but is not limited to, modules that:

Please read the Localization Guide carefully. This document explains all the steps that you should follow in order to localize Openbravo ERP successfully.

Additional sources of information

If you have additional questions or can offer advice and support to other localizers, it would be to everyone's benefit to post them on the Openbravo ERP Forum on Openbravo's Forge (though we are also available at collaborate AT

Special requirements for certain countries

Feature requests for specific countries are supported by (using the project "Localizers Support").

Localization policies

  1. All localizations distributed through Openbravo ERP must be offered with an open source license.
  2. Openbravo does not take any responsibility for the quality of the localization and its compliance with legal requirements. Compliance is ensured through community feedback and local users are encourage to rate localizations.
  3. Openbravo reserves the right to appoint or remove a localization leader, but does commit to informing the local community of its actions if doing so.
  4. Some localizers may offer a professional localization which ensures local compliance and updates, based on contractual service level agreements. Professional localizations can be offered with a proprietary license as long as open source localization exists for that market.

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