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How to Configure Invoice Paid Status Control



Sometimes it is necessary to be able to configure the state in which a invoice is considered paid because the companies may have different payment cycles.

The objective of this example is to show how a paid status can be configurable in which we consider a invoice paid.

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It is highly recommended to understand how Payment Method are configured in a Financial Account as well as know the Payment_Cycle in Openbravo.

Execution Steps

Invoice Paid Status Control provide a configuration option to be able to decide which status for each payment determines an invoice is paid or not. This functionality is an advanced feature and is hidden by default.

Enable Invoice Paid Status Control

To enable this feature it is necessary to set the Preference type property Allow to use invoice paid status control with value Y.


Configure Invoice Paid Status Control

In the following example is consider a Invoice paid in status deposit not cleared.


It should be configure the combo Invoice paid status with the desired status.

Creation of a Sales Invoice

A sales invoice should be created and completed with the payment method created in previous step.


Payment should be added and the field Payment Complete in this invoice is No and invoice paid in payment details is set as No too.


Add the transaction

With this configuration, for this invoice remains as status paid, it should be add the transaction to the financial account.



The invoice is set as paid, when the transaction has been added.


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