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How to Create a Tree Selector

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available from Openbravo PR14Q2



The Tree Selector described in this manual is a variant of the Openbravo Selector. It can only be applied on tables with trees defined.

Both the implementation of the tree selector and its use is similar to the standard selector. The main difference is that instead of using a grid for the form item drop down and the popup, the Tree Selector uses a tree grid:

Drop down tree:


Popup tree:


Defining a Tree Selector

Defining a tree selector is very similar to defining a standard selector.

Define a Reference

Open the Reference window and create a new record in the header tab. This are the most relevant fields:


Define the Tree Selector

Create a new record in the Tree Reference tab.


At this point no Tree Selector Fields have been defined yet, so the Value Field and Display Field are empty.

Define the Tree Selector Fields

The next step is to define the Tree Selector Fields. A selector field can have several purposes:

A selector must have at least two fields:


Set the Value and Display Fields of the Tree Selector

Once the Tree Selector Fields have been defined, the Value Field and Display Field fields of the Tree Reference tab can be set.


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