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How to Modify Background Image

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from RMP32


It is possible to change properties style of WEB POS using CSS files. In RMP32 has been added a CSS file in login screen, where the background image is defined.

In RMP32, only the background image and background color can be modified. In next versions more properties style will be added.

How to change the background image from a module

To change the background image, it is needed two steps:

.ob-body-standard {
  background-color: blue;
  background: url('./../../org.openbravo.howToChangeBackgroundImage/css/NewImage.jpg') top left;

where the new image is located in the path: modules/org.openbravo.howToChangeBackgroundImage/css/NewImage.jpg

final String cssPrefix = "web/" + MODULE_JAVA_PACKAGE + "/css/";
final String[] cssDependency = { "ob-new-style" };
for (String resource : cssDependency) {
      globalResources.add(createComponentResource(ComponentResourceType.Stylesheet, cssPrefix
          + "../css/" + resource + ".css", POSUtils.APP_NAME));

where the name of new CSS is "ob-new-style.css" and it is located in the path: modules/org.openbravo.howToChangeBackgroundImage/web/org.openbravo.howToChangeBackgroundImage/css/ob-new-style.css

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