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How to Update the Configuration Tables of SymmetricDS


SymmetricDS Configuration tables are populated based on the contents of four tables defined in Openbravo: strsync_custom_router, strsync_synch_channel, strsync_synchronizedtable and strsync_excludedcol.

When a modules that contains source data that belongs to these tables is updated, the SymmetricDS tables need to be updated accordingly. There are two ways of doing this:

This wiki document explains how the second approach (an incremental update) has been implemented.

SymmetricDS Configuration Tables

There are four SymmetricDS tables that need to be properly populated for SymmetricDS to be able to install the triggers in the Openbravo tables:

These are the four tables whose contents need to be updated to take into account the changes done in the modules that contain the configuration of the synchronized tables.

The full list of SymmetricDS configuration tables can be found here.

The update.symmetric.ds.configuration Task

The update.symmetric.ds.configuration task takes the current content from the configuration tables defined in Openbravo and will update the SymmetricDS tables accordingly. After that, the SymmetricDS triggers will be recreated to take into account the updated configuration.

The contents of all the SymmetricDS runtime tables are not lost (i.e. sym_outgoing_batch, that contains the batches pending to be synchronized), as opposed to what would happen in SymmetricDS was reinstalled.

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