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How to Upgrade SymmetricDS



A new version of SymmetricDS is released every few weeks, it is always a good practice to use one of the most recent versions. This document describes the particular steps required to upgrade the SymmetricDS version used in the org.openbravo.replication.symmetricds module. This document describes all the other considerations that must be taken into account to upgrade any library. Only the Update the .classpath file and the Update wiki subsections do not apply to the upgrade of SymmetricDS

The full list of SymmetricDS releases, along with the changes included in each release, can be found here.

Upgrading SymmetricDS

Downloading the desired version

Download the latest published SymmetricDS release, it can be found here


If you want to upgrade SymmetricDS to a version other than the latest, you can find all published versions here. Make sure you download the symmetric-server* file, not the symmetric-android* file.

Updating the jar files

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