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How to Use the Accounting Background Process



This HowTo explains the way you have to setup Openbravo in order to schedule background processes. Background processes are automated process activation based on a scheduling. Most known processes are Alert process and Background Accounting process, but you can develop new ones.

Like any other background process you can run the accounting background process in three ways:

For a correct Accounting Background Process setup, it is important to use Admin role.

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If further information is necessary, this documentation may be interesting:

Execution steps

The company in this example wants to setup Accounting Background Process every 3600 seconds (every hour). Having a certain start date, end date and a maximum repetition value.

Schedule the Accounting Background Process

Let´s setup the accounting background process in General Setup || Process Scheduling || Process Request. Although there are multiple ways of setting up the background process scheduler, two are the most used ones:

Accounting Background Process 01.png

Header tab:

The fields that appear in the header are:

Once you have introduced the scheduling parameters, press Schedule Process button.

Using this window it is possible to setup a background process in order to run automatically the Accounting posting.

Accounting Background Process 02.png

Monitor the scheduled background process

You can have a look how the scheduling process is going on General Setup || Process Scheduling || Process Request:

Accounting Background Process 03.png

Main information fields, apart from start and end date are:


A new background process has been setup: Accounting posting. It runs every hour starting 8th of June at 4:03 p.m. and finishing 15th of June 0:00 a.m.

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