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How to add a file field


This How To explains how to add a file column and field to Openbravo. File columns allow to store small files into database tables allowing to upload and download these files from the Openbravo user interface.

Bulbgraph.png   This functionality is not intended to store large collections of files in the database nor big files. If you need to store big files or a lot of files use the Attachments functionality.

The steps to add a file column and field to openbravo are the same as adding other type of columns and fields: 1.- Create the column in a table, 2.- Create a field in a tab associated to the table.

Add the column to the database

First, you have to add a new column to the existing table. The field must be of type VARCHAR(32) and must be a foreign key to the table AD_FILE where files information is actually stored.

When creating the new column in the application dictionary just select the File BLOB reference:

Fileblob reference.png

This reference also have three new properties:

Fileblob reference props.png


The result is a field that allows to download and upload files and offers a visualization of the file stored in the field:

Fileblob reference view.png

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