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How to export sample data


The objective of this document is to explain how the Openbravo sample data is exported using the task.

Sample Data Dataset

The tables that will be exported when the task is run are included in the Client Definition dataset. You can read more about datasets in this link.

Note that the way the task currently works, the SQL Where Clause defined in the dataset tables of the Client Definition dataset will be ignored and replaced by a client filter.

Exporting the Sample Data

To export the sample data of a given client, this ant task, available from the Openbravo root folder must be run. It has the following parameters:

For instance, to export the sample data of the 'F&B International Group' client to core using the COPY format, the following command must be used:

ant -Dclient="F&B International Group" -Dmodule=org.openbravo -DexportFormat=copy

For a more detailed info: QA_How_To_Export_Sampledata_POS2

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