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How to sell a module



To sell an extension module, you need to first publish it to the Openbravo Central Repository and then list it in the Openbravo Exchange. Openbravo has put in place all the infrastructure and processes to support the sales, support, and maintenance processes for commercial extensions.

Before the commercial extension is generally available, you need to:

1. Register a project in the Openbravo Forge.

This is where you use the wiki and forum to develop the requirements and functional specifications. Do not begin to develop your technical specifications (for example, establishing DB table names) until you have completed step 2!

2. Register the extension module in the Central Repository.

Before you being coding your commercial module, you must register it to claim your own unique DB Prefix, which is used to avoid naming conflicts and is required to publish to the Central Repository. Failure to register your module prior to starting development means that you will face painful rework in the event that someone else has already registered the DB Prefix that you chose!

3. Develop the code and package it as a module

Make sure the module is properly marked as Commercial and that you select the "Openbravo Commercial License" as license type.

4. Publish the extension in the Central Repository

An extension module that has been marked as commercial will not be publicly downloadable from the Forge. Those who try will receive an error screen. Installing from the module management window will also not be possible, until the next steps have been completed successfully.

5. Register the module as comercial

Make sure you comply with the following list of pre-requisites.

To become an Authorized Seller:

You will be notified when your listing has been reviewed and published. At this stage users will be able to start buying your commercial module.

6. Collect Revenues

Openbravo will collect payments from customers, and act as clearing house for all parties invoved. On a periodic basis, you will receive the payments corresponding to the sales of your commercial modules.

7. Provide Support

You need to provide help and answer questions through forums in the Forge. If your module includes commercial support, Openbravo will forward any issue you need to fix through your public bug tracking system accessible through the Openbravo Forge. You need to publish the fixes according to the corresponding SLAs to the central repository, so that customers can access them through the modula management window.

In case of doubt regarding the business of modularity or the operation of the Openbravo Exchange, you can post your questions in the Openbravo Exchange Help forum

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