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How to use a new version of DBSourceManager


DBSourceManager is the tool that Openbravo uses for all its database management related tasks, and is behind the well known create.database, update.database, export.database and export.config.script tasks.

In most situations, its functionality is enough to do whatever development task is needed. However, Openbravo keeps updating it to support more database features, and fix bugs, and in some cases, it might be convenient to use a newer version of it to export the development changes to modules before updating Openbravo.

This document describes how to use the last dbsourcemanager in an earlier version of Openbravo.

How to update DBSourceManager

First, it's necessary to have access to the main branch of Openbravo. From there, you will get the newest dbsourcemanager files. The branch itself is here. You can get the files using Mercurial:

hg clone openbravo

The process is simple, you just need to copy the following files from the main branch and replace the corresponding ones from your Openbravo instance with them:

After you've copied the files, you can use the normal database tasks (update.database, export.database, ...), and they will be using the new dbsourcemanager.

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