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Indian States/Technical Documentation



This article will explain the technical description how to proceed in order to create the Indian States Module.

Module Creation

On usual step need to create a module for the Indian States.

Dependency Tab

Go to Dependency Tab and check whether the core module has been included or not. Specify that this module dependent on core module by creating a new record if the core module is not included.

DB Prefix Tab

On DB Prefix Tab there is no creation of business data or table for this module. The core module already has table for country and regions to feed the data into the Openbravo ERP Application. So there will not be any new table creation to prefix the word were it is specified in this tab.

Data Package Tab

Next go to Data Package Tab for this module. For newly defined tables are linked to this module through the Data Package. The generated business object for the new table will use the Java Package which is defined in the Data Package Tab. But there will not have any new table creation so it is an optional to specify the data package name.

Data Feed - Indian States

Dataset for Indian States

Find below the steps to create the Dataset for this module:

Exporting Module

Exporting a module creates a directory under Openbravo ERP root directory for the newly created module called Indian States. This will generate the appropriate XML files for the finished module.

Note: The module that are flagged / tick marked for the check box In Development field are only exported otherwise it will not be exported.

Step to Export the database

ant export.database -Dmodule="org.openbravo.localization.india.referencedata.states"

Once you exported the Indian States module successfully, it will be reflected in the eclipse under the root package of modules folder. Please refer the screen shot that how the folder / package structure is reflected in eclipse.

Packaging "Indian States" module

This section explain how to package the module and distribute it through the central repository or sending it to an interested party directly.

To package a module, execute the ant task called package.module -Dmodule=modulename, where modulename is the Java package name of the module.

ant package.module -Dmodule=”org.openbravo.localization.india.referencedata.states"

The output of the package.module using Eclipse:

 ant package.module -Dmodule=o org.openbravo.localization.india.referencedata.states
 Buildfile: build.xml



      [echo] Validating Module...

 [validateModules] 0    [main] WARN  SystemValidation  - Validation successfull no warnings or errors







On successful completion of packaging process a new obx file is created in the directory in which this ant task was executed. The name of the obx file would be oorg.openbravo.localization.india.referencedata.states -1.0.0.obx.

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