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Indian States/User Documentation

This User Documentation is intended as a reference for end users of the Indian States module. It provides guidance on usability of this module.


User Manual


Indian States is an extension module for Openbravo ERP. This module consists of regions or states which belongs to India. In Openbravo ERP few countries already have regions but for India there are no such regions available.

India has union of states comprising of 28 states and 7 union territories. [The picture or India Map typically shows the regions of India how its divided into union of states and territories.] Basically this module will have these states and union territories of India. Anyone can download and install this module to view the regions of India.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This module is available for 2.50 and above

This module can be installed by following the steps as given below. Only the System Administrator can install module. It can be installed through the central repository or downloaded at the module section of this forge project.

Module Configuration

Please follow the steps to install the Indian States Module if does not exist in the Openbravo ERP Application.


(File name: org.openbravo.localization.india.referencedata.states-1.0.0.obx)

Note: If you have more than one pending task then select the Indian States module from the below list and click on rebuild now link for the selected module.

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