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Initial Client Setup

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The Initial Client setup process allows to create a Client and besides a "Client Admin" role with no access restrictions.

The initial client setup process is an automated process which can be run by logging in Openbravo as "System Administrator" role.

This process allows to:

The "General Ledger Configuration" and the "Chart of Accounts" created by default can be later on customized as explained in the Setup Accounting article of the Quick Guide.
The "General Ledger Configuration" is linked to the "Account Tree" as the "Account" is a mandatory dimension of the general ledger configuration.
It is possible to create a client without selecting the "Include Accounting" checkbox, in fact that is the recommended option. Accounting configuration will then rely on the organization type being created later on in the Client.
To learn more review the Initial Organization Setup article of the User Guide.

Every new Client created in Openbravo centrally maintains at least the mandatory accounting dimensions listed below:

unless the "Central Maintenance" checkbox is unselected for the Client which would imply the configuration and management of all the accounting dimensions (mandatory and not mandatory) at organization level.

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