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Appliance EC2

Amazon Cloud

Appliance ISO

For physical servers,VMware, Virtualbox ...

Appliance VMware

Only for testing and evaluation



The appliance is the recommended way to use Openbravo.

The Openbravo appliance is a:

The concept of the appliance is to have Ubuntu Server as an operating system and as much standard as possible with the minimal set of customizations that are only required for Openbravo.

What's new in Appliance 14.04

The Appliance 14.04 has these key benefits:

Note: PostgreSQL 9.3 significantly improves performance of Openbravo. This feature alone is a very good reason to migrate to the new Appliance version.

Usage difference in Appliance 14.04 compared to 12.04

Good news: In most cases for any user there is no difference in usage at all.

There are a few small changes:

Provided platforms

Amazon EC2 AMI

Intended for production and testing.

This is one of the easiest, fastest and scalable ways to run Openbravo server.

Openbravo Appliance AMI can be started in a few minutes, so it is not only perfect for production but is also quite useful for testing.

Guide of Amazon EC2 AMI.


Intended for production servers.

Can be used in:

The installation is basically the same that an Ubuntu Server ISO.

Guide of ISO.


ONLY for testing and evaluation.

This platform is Openbravo Appliance preinstalled in a VMware virtual appliance. It is the easiest way to test Openbravo: uncompress, start it and that's all.

VMWare Appliance is not suitable for production environments because its configuration assumes only test usage.

Note: The disk (.vmdk file) is also compatible with Virtualbox.

Guide of VMware.

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