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Appliance EC2

Amazon Cloud

Appliance ISO

For physical servers,VMware, Virtualbox ...


Appliance ISO

Intended for production servers.

Can be used in:

The installation is basically the same that an Ubuntu Server ISO.


The download is only available for Openbravo customers.To get access please contact Openbravo support.


Bulbgraph.png   IMPORTANT: The absolute minimum memory needed for the Openbravo Appliance is 1.5 GB, recommended 4 GB or more.

Bulbgraph.png   IMPORTANT: VMware workstation offers an 'Easy Install' option. This is NOT compatible with this ISO image here and cannot be used. A normal/standard installation needs to be done instead.
  1. Optional: burn the ISO into a DVD-ROM or a USB stick
  2. Boot the system using the ISO. Assumed you have a running virtualization server.
  3. At the boot prompt you will be asked to select a language.
  4. Optional: Check the CD-ROM for defects, this will check that the ISO was downloaded without errors and the CD-ROM created correctly.
  5. Select 'Install Openbravo Appliance'.
  6. The installer asks for which language it should use for the to be installed system. Afterwards, you are asked to select your location.
  7. Next, the installation process begins by asking for your keyboard layout. You can ask the installer to attempt auto-detecting it, or you can select it manually from a list.
  8. The installer then discovers your hardware configuration, and configures the network settings using DHCP. If you do not wish to use DHCP at the next screen choose "Go Back", and you have the option to "Configure the network manually".
  9. Next, the installer asks for the system's hostname and Time Zone.
  10. You can then choose from several options to configure the hard drive layout. In case of doubt, keep the default options here. For advanced disk options see Advanced Installation.
  11. The Ubuntu base system including the Openbravo ERP is then installed.
  12. Select where to install grub, In most cases leave the default.

Mandatory steps for production

Setting up a server for production has many steps and things you want to check and configure, so please follow the rest of the appliances guide.

Particularly don't forget two basic steps in all production servers:

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