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Custom installation
Bulbgraph.png   The custom install is only for experts.

Double check that you can not use the appliances before start a custom install.


Is this guide for me?

Probably the answer is NO, this is not the recommended way of installing Openbravo for most cases, maybe you have reached this page by accident while you are looking for the Openbravo installation guide. Still convinced this guide is for you? Good! Continue reading.


This guide is an alternative installation method for those users with very specific requirements that are not covered by one of the other installations options.

The process described here is not a reference install to give the best possible Openbravo installation for that please one of the other main installation options.

Instead it serves as a guide usable by an advanced administrator to be able to make a properly working Openbravo installation. The administrator is expected to take the system environment in detail (i.e. Windows Server or a Linux distribution).

Bulbgraph.png   When doing a custom installation it is important to put some process in place to keep that installation updates.

It is the responsibility of the person doing the installation to take care of that.

Structure of this Guide

Each of the following pages is split into two main sections which are:

The main part is the first section which will list all required actions to be done for example which PostgreSQL version to install and which config settings to change.

The examples are just to show a possible way to do this and are not (!) meant as the main reference.

Software version selection

A Openbravo installation requires several software component to be installed. For each of the the correct version needs to be selected to lead to a properly working and well performing installation.

Typically for each component there are several major versions supported and one of those selected as the recommended one.

The System Requirements page both lists the range of supported & recommended versions.

As both the list of version changes over time and this guide should be adaptable to range of Openbravo releases the concrete versions to use are not repeated in this document.

Instead when using it recommended version matching the Openbravo release to be installed should be selected.

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