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Installation/Custom/Mercurial Clone

Mercurial Clone

To be able to check out Openbravo source code from Openbravo Mercurial repository you need to first install the Mercurial client.

Once the Mercurial client is installed, move to the directory to which you want to check out the source code.

To check out the latest source code tag, type the command:

$ hg clone OpenbravoERP-3.0PR18Q3
$ cd OpenbravoERP-3.0PR18Q3
$ hg up 3.0PR18Q3

In order for the Module Management Console to work correctly it is necessary that the user running the Tomcat process is a trusted user to access the Mercurial repository, trust from Mercurial's point of view. If you are running Tomcat with the same user that has done the hg clone, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, add the tomcat user (e.g. tomcat) to the trusted group:

$ mkdir /etc/mercurial
$ cat << EOF >> /etc/mercurial/hgrc
users = tomcat

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