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Issue tracker QA status



Currently (December 2009) Openbravo's Issue Tracker does not have a way of indicating if an issue has been tested or not. As a workaround the development team accorded that every issue in the resolved status is not tested yet, while those that are closed are. This is far from being ideal. So this is a proposal to integrate our QA work with the issue tracker in a more helpful way.

Current workflow

The current workflow has the following statuses:


And this is the workflow involving all the different development teams (Triage, Engineering, QA team):


This model has flaws in regards to the QA process:


One option that has been around for a long time is to introduce a new status called tested, between resolved" and closed. This has a fundamental flaw, though: why should the tested status be placed after resolved and not before? You cannot claim to fix an issue if it's not tested. It might be a terminology difference only, but it makes a big difference on the way developers understand the importance of testing.

So this is a proposal to have a new status between scheduled" and resolved, called Ready for testing. This new status represents that a fix has been committed to the Mercurial repository, but that a formal testing has not happened yet as to call it resolved.

But now we have the Continuous Integration factor as well. So need to differentiate between "CI testing" and "Manual testing/verification/review".

So this is the possible workflow that reflects these ideas:


So this is the new development workflow:


Following this flow, the merge from erp/devel/pi to erp/devel/main happens once the issue has gone to the Ready for review status, without waiting for it to go to resolved. The reason is simple: as of now the issue verification consumes a lot of time and this would incredibly slow down the integration.

Open issues

Bulbgraph.png   The discussion period for these issue is closed. These are the final status names:

New -> Feedback -> Acknowledged -> Scheduled -> Ready for integration -> Ready for QA -> Resolved -> Closed

There are discussions on what the correct names of the new statuses should be. Proposals:


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