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Local Store Time



Starting from 3.0PR23Q4, there is a new field in Organization to define the Organization's time zone. This value can be used to show the creation and update dates in the Audit section of the documents using the Store's local datetime instead of the server's one which is the default with the "Created" and "Updated" fields.

Organization Time Zone


In "Organization" Window, there is a new field called "Time Zone" where the Store's time zone can be defined from a list of supported Time Zones. This value will be used to calculate the Store time zone in the configured Windows and Tabs.



In order to show those fields, you have to do the following steps:

1- Set a Time Zone for Organizations in "Organization" Window.

2- Configure the Grid to show those new fields system-wide or in an specific Tab

- To set this field for the whole application, in "Grid Configuration at System Level", the "Show Store Local Dates" field should be set to "Yes".

- To set this field only for specific tabs, in "Grid Configuration at Window/Tab/Field" Window, "Show Store Local Dates" field should be set to "Yes".

Once set this, in the configured windows the new audit fields will be available both in Grid and List View, and also as an exportable field in CSV.

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