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Localization German Issues

Here is a list of issues to be addressed in order to have a full localization for the German market.


German Manual & Help texts

Before addressing professional customers documentation and help texts need to be crafted.

Before reaching for GAPCAS/GOBS certification we need proper documentation of all accounting relevant parts.

Accounting schemes SKR03, SKR04


There's a first version of SKR03.

This scheme needs testing and should be reviewed and compared to the official reference.

You can find a module within the SKR03 here org.openbravo.accounts.small_company.MX. This schema was tested against the accounting test documents.


No activities yet.


There is a special project which aims at Open Source accounting schemes for Germany (but not much activity).

According to my information the official reference is contained in an interface package from DATEV for ISVs.


Is a electronic system from German government that people uses to upload their taxes. You have to use two programs from the Government. There is a Java version for multiplaform applications that may have less functionality. If you write your own system, you have to an update server (mandatory by the government) to warranty that more recent version of the protocol is in production. Everyone is forced to use the system, you can only avoided if you get authorization by the government. More than 90% companies use it. Different kind of reports to send: monthly, yearly, workers, etc. Requires review at least once year

It is optional to digital signed it.


In Germany programs for computer-assisted accouting need to follow the rules of Generally Accepted Principles of Computer-assited Accounting Systems (GAPCAS), which is Grundsätze ordnungsgemäßer DV-gestützter Buchhaltung (GOBS).

An unofficial translation of the German version.

An official version can be ordered.

A GOBS certification is mandatory, or otherwise said: Customers in Germany expect and verify that the software complies to this rules.


Electronic invoices

Have to be digital signed. Send to the customer by e-mail. Signed by a person not by company.


DATEV. They produce a software used by German tax attorneys. If you have a limited company you have to work with tax attorneys. We need a DATEV interface for your tax attorneys. Most of them use this application.


Criteria for auditing computer-assisted accounting. You must guarantee that you give access to the government auditor all accounting relevant information.

Audicon (company) does audit software IDEA. An interface spec is available. It is possible to implement an export interface for this.

GdPDU ist overall uncritical. Extracts of the SQL database will do also. However, there should be some documentation in place how the access/export of all relevant information can be done in case of an audit.

Importing Data

See also Openbravo Localization special requirements for other localizations

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