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Localization Guide FAQ

Functional questions

How can I include a Balance Sheet and P&L structure module in my localization pack?

Unfortunately this is not possible right now, at least in a standard way. The reason is that the Chart of Accounts for Openbravo are not distributed as dataset, but as CSV files. When importing these files, the system automatically generates a random identifier (UUID) for each account; but unlike datasets, the system does not track these identifiers, making it impossible to create any configuration based on them.

The only possible workaround is to develop a Java process that automatically creates the report structure from the account's search keys, which are constant values. So the idea is to develop a process that receives as parameters the Account Tree and the Organization, and that automatically inserts the report's header, grouping categories and nodes based on the configuration hardcoded into the process. This module will depend on a concrete chart of accounts module, and the Java process will search into the system for the right accounts based on their search key values.

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