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Localization Projects/Italy/translation merge

La traduzione italiana è creata da CBTOpen e da Kelyon in due versioni distinte ora in fase di merge.

In riferimento ai files xml della release 2.35, su cui è iniziato il lavoro di traduzione, essi sono stati così suddivisi:


  1. AD_MESSAGE_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Message table. This table defines all the messages that application displays.
  2. AD_ELEMENT_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for the AD_Element table. This table contains all the elements of the application. They are used in order to have centrally maintained a description and help of the elements.
  3. AD_TEXTINTERFACES_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_TextInterfaces table. This table holds the texts that will be displayed in all the manually generated windows.
  4. AD_WINDOW_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Window table. AD_Window has names, descriptions and help for the WAD generated windows.
  5. AD_REF_LIST_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Ref_List. In this table are found the values for the references of list type.
  6. AD_REFERENCE_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Reference table. In this table are all the references. References are used to define data types, lists of values or tables.
  7. AD_WF_NODE_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_WF_Node. This table contains the workflow nodes.
  8. AD_WORKFLOW_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AT_Command. Name, description and help for the defined workflows.
  9. C_UOM_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_OUM table. This table contains the Units of Measure.
  10. AD_TASK_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Task. Definition of system tasks.
  11. C_DOCTYPE_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_DocType. Description of the document types.
  12. AD_WORKBENCH_TRL_lg_CT.xml.
  14. C_TAXCATEGORY_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_TaxCategory table. Name and description for the tax categories.
  15. AD_ALERTRULE_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_AlertRule.
  16. AT_COMMAND_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Workflow. This table is currently not used.
  17. C_TAX_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_Tax table. Name and description for taxes.
  18. M_PRODUCT_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for M_Product table. A table containing the different products.


  1. AD_FIELD_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for the AD_Field table. This table holds the information about the fields that are shown in each window of the application.
  2. AD_TAB_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Tab table. This table contains the name, description and help for all the tabs in the application.
  3. AD_MENU_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Menu table. The menu tree that appears on the left side of the application.
  4. AD_PROCESS_PARA_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for the AD_Process_Para table.
  5. AD_PROCESS_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_Process table. The name, description and help for the processes invoked from the application.
  6. C_COUNTRY_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_Country. This table holds a list of countries.
  7. C_CURRENCY_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_Currency. This table holds a list of currencies.
  8. AD_FORM_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for the AD_Form table, defines the name, description and help for all the forms of the application. A form is a manually generated window.
  9. AD_FIELDGROUP_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for AD_FieldGroup. Field groups are used to group a fields in a window.
  10. C_GREETING_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_Greeting.
  11. AD_DESKTOP_TRL_lg_CT.xml.
  14. C_ELEMENTVALUE_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_PaymentValue table. This table contains the values for the elements used in accounting.
  15. C_DOCTYPE_COPY_TRL_lg_CT.xml.
  16. C_PAYMENTTERM_TRL_lg_CT.xml: Translations for C_PaymentTerm. Name and description for payment terms.
  17. CONTRIBUTORS_lg_CT.xml.

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