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Machine Category

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Create machine categories based on your desired characteristics.

A logical grouping of machines that can be used to categorize the different machines that are used during a production process.

Machine Category

Define machine categories to group machines with similar characteristics.



Define maintenance categories needed for a specified machine category.

Once the maintenance task(s) is set up, it can be added to the machine category. By selecting the Insert in Machines checkbox, the maintenance plans are populated for all the machines that are related to the machine category when the insert maintenances process is executed. When the checkbox is not selected, a single maintenance plan for the machine category is created.
By selecting the checkbox, the maintenance plans for the machines are created, but the maintenance information is not added to the maintenance tab of each machine. That tab is used to document any maintenance that is not related to the machine category, but only to that particular machine.


Add interval timings to schedule and complete a specified maintenance.

This tab is to define with which frequency and during which shift the maintenance is scheduled to take place:


Full list of Machine Category window fields and their descriptions is available in the Machine Category Screen Reference.

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