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Magento V2

The Magento v2 Module connector developed by Practics, allows the syncrhonization between the Magento systems and Openbravo. This module has different processes where you can import: Attributes, Attribute set, Products, Product categories, Customers and Orders. There are other processes that import basic information such the Store Views, Product taxes and Customer taxes that have to be configured first.


Magento Configuration Window

This is the main window to configure and see all the information downloaded from the different processes of the ERP. It's composed by the header, where have the connection parameters and the default configuration for the different process, and the Tabs with the Registers imported from Magento.

Window fields M V2.png

First, is necessary to configure the Magento Server parameters, like the URL, the User and his Password. This user has to be configured with Administrator role on the Magento server, or with another Role but with all the permissions.

After configure these parameters, we will have to validate the connection, and for this, exist a button called: Test Connection, that would return a message of Success or Error. In case of Error, the response will show the error code and his message.

Secondly, when the connection is successfull, we have to configure all the parameters that are inside the Field group: Configuration of Sync Information.

Toolbar Fields

Default Fields

Configuration of Sync Processes

Configuration of Sync Information

PD: all blocked records will be created on the corresponding auxiliar tabs, without create the record of Openbravo.

Window Buttons

Store View

The store view tab will have configured the store views of the Magento Server, imported to Openbravo through the Import Basic Info button from this window, or by the Process Request: Magento Store view Synchronization. This records will be unconfigured, so if you want to import the Orders of this store, will have to enable the Import Orders check and configure All the parameters.

Store View.png

- By Organization Location - By Order Location

- Create Business partner: search the customer on the customer tab, and get his Business partner associated, or create if not exist. - Fixed Business partner: this will show the business partner field, that will take on the new Orders.


The attribute tab will have the Attribute records that will be mapped by the User with the specific Openbravo Characteristics.


Attribute set

The attribute set tab will have the Magento attribute Sets.

Attribute set.png


The product tab will have all the products imported from magento with his basic information and the mapped Openbravo product. The Openbravo product will be created on the import process if the Block new Products check of the header is not enabled. If exist a Openbravo product with the same value on the Search Key field as the Sku from magento, this will be mapped and updated.

Product MagentoV2.png

Product Tax

The product tax tab will have all the product taxes imported from magento and the mapped Openbravo tax. These taxes will be used on the import products process when create the Openbravo products.

Product tax MagentoV2.png

Product Category

The product category tab will have all the Product category imported from magento and the mapped product category of Openbravo. These product categories will be the map to set the corresponding product category for the new products.

Product Category MagentoV2.png


The customer tab will have all the Customers imported from magento and the mapped business partner and user of Openbravo. This users and businss partners of Openbravo, will be created and mapped automatically if the block new customers check is not enabled.

Customer MagentoV2.png

Customer group

The customer group/tax tab will have all customer taxes imported from magento and the mapped business partner group and business partner category of Openbravo.

Customer Group Tax.png

Price list

On the price list tab, we have to configure the pricelist name from magento with a price list of openbravo. These price lists will be used to create the new Orders from the Magento synchronize orders process.

Price List MagentoV2.png

Payment method

The payment method tab allows the configuration of the payment methods of magento with the Openbravo payment methods. These payment methods will be used when creating the orders to Openbravo, if the payment method that arrives in a Order is not configured, it will show a error to create it before re-process the Order.

Payment Method MagentoV2.png

Order Status

The order status tab allows the configuration of the status filters to import the orders, if any status is configured for the import, will import all orders from the last synchronization order date. There are other actions apart from the import menthioned before that will update the status to the Magento order: - Received: will set the status when the magento order is created and processed to Openbravo. - Shipped: will set the status when the magento order is 100% shipped. - Closed: will set the status when the magento order is 100% invoiced. - Cancelled

Order Status.png


The order tab will have the orders imported from magento and the mapped Openbravo sales order. If a order have errors when tries to be created in Openbravo, will appear a button for Process it, to try the creation of it again. The errors have to be solved to create it, for example if it throws the error message that have to be mapped a new Payment method X, or a new Price list X, etc, first, will have to create these record, and finally try to Process again. If no have more errors, it will be created successfully.

Order MagentoV2.png

Stock Warehosue

Stock Warehouse tab This is to inform the stores that you want to take into account the stock.

Stock Warehouse MagentoV2.png

Background Process Configuration

Background processes must be configured as system administrator.

They are the following:

These processes synchronize the data and / or if there is stock in Magento.

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