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The Invoice Plan Master defines all the products and services included in the contract, and also the period in which this products are active. This information is used, in addition to Contract Invoice Schedule configuration to create the Invoice Plan.

  1. Create a new Invoice Plan Master line
  2. Add a product, and quantity
  3. Price: The price is inherited from the price list defined in contract header. But if a Net Unit Price is manually indicated in the Invoice Plan Master line, then the price list will be ignored when creating the invoice plan, and the price indicated in Invoice Plan Master line will be used.

Once the contract is completed (Status=Active), the Invoice Plan is build using the information defined in Invoice Plan Master tab, and also taking into account the Contract Invoice Schedule in contract header.

Invoice Plan is automatically updated by Renew contracts background. This process not only renews the contract, but also updates the Invoice Plan, creating new lines if required (i.e. if new products are changed or added to the contract, or based on "cover to" date).

Contract Renewal Process

Contracts with Automatic renewal = Y are renewed till Cover Date, that is automatically calculated based on the notice period. Invoice plan lines are created till cover date, unless an earlier date is informed in Ending Date field.

The contract renewal occurs in two ways:

  1. Automatically, by the “Renew contracts background” process
  2. Manually, using “Renew contract” button
Bulbgraph.png   Warning: Don´t forget to activate this process

Renew contracts background process needs to be activated in “Process Request” window.

  1. Process name: Renew contracts Background

This process needs to run once a day, so schedule it using daily frecuency.

Note: Don’t forget to click on “Reschedule” process button to activate it!

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